Is couples counseling for you?

If you’re here, you’re likely struggling with certain aspects of your relationship and or marriage. This is not uncommon, and we are happy to tell you that you have come to the right place. Counseling Center of Northwest Indiana offers couples counseling services to help you with the challenges you are facing.

Couples Counseling Counseling Center of Northwest INWe help couples deepen their relationships and their marriage. Remember when there was a time when you could not wait to be together? In couples counseling we can help you recreate that amazing connection with one another, guiding you in the development of important skills, so in the future you can avoid running into the pitfalls created by the challenges of everyday life.

Relationships are hard work and often can often be neglected in the face of:

  • financial strain
  • career challenges
  • raising a family
  • multi- generational family responsibilities

Our counselors have assisted many of our couples counseling clients in the process of coming out of a place of despair to a place of reconnection and joy. We offer a safe, nonjudgmental and comforting environment, allowing each of you to express your thoughts and feelings, and sorting through them so you can reach a place of understanding, respect and cooperation.

We look forward to meeting with you, and beginning this healing process returning you to loving and happiness once again.