Are you ready for positive change?

Individual Counseling Counseling Center of Northwest INIt’s not uncommon for us to sometimes find ourselves feeling stuck. It might be in a relationship, a job or some day-to-day situation that no longer serves us. When things aren’t working the way we wanted or expected them to, it can lead to feelings like depression, fear, anger or anxiety. These kinds of feelings can interfere with many different parts of our lives, leaving us eagerly seeking some way to have things change.

If you’re here you understand change and transformation are possible for you through effective individual counseling. Even when we feel paralyzed and like nothing with ever change, there are options. Sometimes they are just harder to see than others because when we feel like our back is against a wall it’s often difficult to find the door that’s right in front of us.

Having someone to help guide you on your journey can help you see the options and opportunities that you may not be able to see on your own. Gathering new tools and new ways to cope with the challenges in your life can dramatically change the experience you are having and get you from the place you are to the place you want to be.

Seeking guidance from one of the Counseling Center for Northwestern Indiana’s professional counselors doesn’t always have to happen at a time of great stress or personal crisis. Often clients seek out counseling with us simply because they have a sense that their life isn’t going exactly the way it should. Coming to counseling as part of navigating life’s challenges doesn’t mean you are somehow broken, but, rather, have begun to take steps toward living your best life.