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FAQs for Jackie

I have my Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Human Behavior and Family Studies from Indiana University Bloomington. I went on to receive my Masters in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago, IL

Yes, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor in the State of Indiana

I began working with adolescents in an inpatient residential facility and have enjoyed my work with adolescents, children and families ever since. I worked as a case manager with families in their homes; it is during this experience that I truly understood the importance of trust. My families allowed me to be in their homes and see the raw stressors they faced. From there, I began working in the Valparaiso Community Schools as a school social worker for 6 school years. Here, I worked as part of a team with students, families, teachers and administrators to meet students’ social, emotional and educational needs.

My path led me in a different direction to work with a wider age range to include adults and people struggling with addictions. I have worked on the Inpatient Care Center helping those with acute psychological needs. I also worked in a primary care setting helping children, adolescents and adults and saw how stress and mental health impact our physical health and wellness.

Now, I find myself in private practice using all my experiences to continue to help my clients reach an optimal level of health and wellness in their lives. Whether it is through individual, family or couples counseling, I believe we can work together to meet your goals

I consider myself an eclectic practitioner and use a range or interventions depending on each individual and situation. I use a psychodynamic approach as a basis for interventions because I believe that there are many forces that influence behavior; such as past experiences, feelings, conscious/unconscious beliefs and attitudes. I use play and art in my interventions and utilize experiential therapy techniques. I also value CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques and use motivational interviewing to help empower clients and help them meet their goals.

I do specialize in working with children, adolescents and families. It is where I have the most experience, however, I believe opening the lines of communication, exploring behavior and modifying typical patterns of thinking and behavior that are impacting functioning translates to us all, regardless of age

I believe in the power of balance. If any part of us is out of balance; whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual or social we are unable to function to our optimal selves. I believe in addressing the whole person in order to achieve balance and wellbeing. I work from a strength’s based perspective and build on an individual’s unique qualities and characteristics, helping them to see the potential and strength within themselves. Once individuals are able to see their own strength-based qualities and build a healthy self-esteem, they are able to share those qualities with their family, friends and peers.