Are you and your teen struggling to communicate? Are you concerned for your teen? It might be time for teen counseling.

Teen Counseling at Counseling Center of Northwest INTeens and adolescents experience many changes, both physically and emotionally, in a short period of time which is why teen counseling can be so important.  In addition to all the changes, they are working their way through the developmental and social inconsistencies they face on a daily basis. As parents, we hope our children will come to us with their concerns, but they also often don’t. Ironically, this is a consequence of their healthy development as they move toward autonomy, independence and privacy. In addition to the healthy maturation process, many teens become rebellious toward authority figures—especially their parents. The pressures and instructions they receive through social media and peer pressure can often cause them to take missteps and make poor choices.

At Counseling Center of NWI, we offer teen counseling in order to  provide the extra support your child may need to manage all the changes, influences and pressures they face in our modern world.  We assist teens and adolescents in understanding parent’s perspectives, working with them to anticipate the social and academic challenges and develop coping strategies to address them as they arise.

In addition to working with your child, we can work with you to productively manage the challenges that often arise when raising adolescents and teens such as:

  • unpredictable moods
  • impulsivity
  • peer relationships
  • academic and athletic pressures
  • experimentation
  • divorce/blended families
  • self-harm
  • trauma